Dear Parents and Guardians, Recycle

            Welcome back to an exciting new school year at Bentworth Elementary!  In our elementary art class we connect time, history, culture and art together. Our adventure for the new school year will be the study of Contemporary Art of the Twenty-first Century.  We will be teaching about the influences and the forces that have shaped the artists of this new century. Unfortunately, because of state funding our district had to cut our art supplies to five hundred dollars for the 2012-13 school year.  In order to keep the art world alive, our classroom is asking all students and parents to collect recyclable items for the classroom.  Again this  year, we are going to make lemons out of lemonade and develop lessons around our theme, RECYCLED RENAISSANCE.   A couple examples include: pop cans, egg cartons,plastic containers and paper towel rolls to name a few.  Our purpose is to create artwork based around recycled products to inform our students not only about conserving the earth, but to dabble in the creative world.  It will give our students a chance to become more intuitive with their thoughts towards their art projects.  Our children are learning from and could become  innovative geniuses such as, Leonardo Di Vinci, Albert Einstein, and of course of twenty-first century genius who we unfortunately lost, Steve Jobs, The founder of Apple.  

            Contemporary Art is viewed as a monumental event in art history. This period will be highly innovative by recasting painting traditions of the past.  Contemporary Art can be characterized by visible brush strokes, open composition, movement, and innovative uses of various medias and technologies.  Get ready for new adventures in “Making Friends with Art History”!  Your child will become a time traveler through art history in the present by creating artwork with recycled materials to produce portraits using egg cartons modeled after the artist, Picasso that influenced Enno De Kroon, trash people with Ha Scult, and the students will be exposed to presentational art by Sue Webster and Tim Noble that developed  found objects  into shadowed images, weaving from natural fibers and recycled materials, the installation  transformation of common water bottles into building blocks for architecture and “action painting” of Jackson Pollock.. As we explore the influences the Pittsburgh region had on the Twentieth Century and how Picasso looked at the planes of the face to in a movement called Cubism and how electricity was used in Kinetic art , your child will see Art  in a whole new light.  Now the artists of this time have the freedom to paint or sculpt what they wanted and liked.  This will be a time your child will explore their incredible imagination through recycled products.


            Your child is a promising young artist!  As we study more about history and its connection to our current world, the greater your child’s chances of contributing to it. The skills your child will learn in this class will pertain to other classes including History, English, Language Arts, Math and Reading.  This class will also demand a higher-level critical thinking and encourage students to be creative.  Creativity is not only the ability to transcend ideas, it is a quality of life, a right to think for yourself, to have your own ideas and create endless possibilities. Art teaches children to dig deep inside themselves and bring to the surface new ideas and new understandings.  Art allows individuals to express themselves in new ways. 

            Contemporary Art was a time period of innovation and industrial and technological inventions that rebuilt and shaped the current Century.  Your child will also shape the future of America.  We want to “THANK YOU” for taking this time out of your hectic life to guide your child’s future!   As we enjoy the art work of the Bentworth Elementary, let us not forget those artists of the Twentieth and twenty-first Century admired children’s art work.   One of the best-known modern artists, Henri Matisse, said: “We must see all of life as if we were children”.  The art room is a place where we share new ideas.  If you have and ideas, information, books, DVDs, materials of any other resources related to Twenty-first Century Art and recycling please feel free to allow your child to share them with the art class!  Because of the student's involvement with recycling from last school year, I will let you know  what materials we will be collecting weeks before we use the materials in our art class.    
         Let us get ready for another successful school year.  TOGETHER,  we can all make a difference for your children!


Mrs. Gazi – Please feel free to email me at with any questions!



Last Modified on October 4, 2012