The Bentworth School District is making every effort to provide quality educational opportunities to the residents and students in the District.  These opportunities serve the academic, athletic, cultural, and social needs of our community.  As you view our website, we believe you will see the positive impact of our educational programs.


We experienced a significant change in administrative and teaching personnel over the past few years.  This created a substantial impact on our professional staff and necessitated increased professional activities.  To accommodate the needs of our new employees, we are providing structured, site based professional staff development.


Our Strategic Plan is now in the fourth year of implementation.  The goals of our Plan are directly related to providing appropriate opportunities to our students.  This has been accomplished through the following:  Expanding student assessment activities across the educational program so that both formative and summative evaluation procedures are used to evaluate student mastery of academic standards; Promoting active engagement of students in learning activities by all teachers through Differentiated Instruction in all classrooms; Identifying and implementing organizational frameworks that will support and enhance the school culture as the school district draws attention to the relationships between the academic, emotional, and social focus of the entire educational program.


Overall, Bentworth School District continues to address the academic standards set forth by the Pennsylvania Department of Education.  We are proud to have received the Keystone Achievement Award by consistently achieving Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) at the elementary, middle, and high school levels.  A review of our District Report Card may be obtained through the PA Department of Education at www.pde.state.pa.us

NOTE: go to “Find Documents” on left side of PDE website homepage; click on “Report Cards”; follow directions.       



Charles F. Baker