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Comprehensive Plan

The Bentworth School District Comprehensive Plan was approved by the Pennsylvania Department of Education in November 2015. This plan was developed by conducting a district wide systems analysis of all available data to better create an understanding of the needs of the school district. Each aspect of the plan required a careful evaluation from each respective division of the school district (primary, intermediate, middle and high).  

Mission Statement:
To create an educational system that prepares all students for their futures.
Vision Statements:
The school district will:
  • incorporate academic standards in the curriculum with a balanced focus on both what students need to know and to apply in problematic situations
  • approach changes in the educational system through both additions of new processes and removal of outdated practices
  • make decisions regarding educational changes based on both student needs and the available resources within the community
  • change the K-12 education programs into an integrated system with a focus on accountability in the schools, student families and communities
Shared Values:
We Believe:
  • all of our students need to have opportunities to prepare them for a complex global environment
  • we need to elevate the educational expectations we have for all our students
  • it is important for all students to both achieve individual mastery of academic standards and to apply these standards to complex social and academic situations
  • we need to both act as advocates for all students and for all of us to work together as a professional staff to improve academic and social behavior
A copy of this report is available to be downloaded below.  Included in this report are the following sections:
  • District Profile
  • Core Foundations
  • Assurances
  • Needs Assessment
  • District Level Plan
You may DOWNLOAD a complete copy of the Comprehensive Plan here.